Are you regularly tempted to pack your bags and travel? Work remotely, live in a hut on a beach… be closer to nature, or just try living somewhere new? This blog is a journal exploring conscious travel and alternative living. Exciting and smart ways of living, travelling and working that are more fulfilling sustainable and healthy. I’ve met many inspiring souls on my travels who have fuelled my passions and interests: alternative living, spirituality, freelancing, digital nomad-ism, sustainable living, natural health and wellness, conscious living and travel, self development, nature, smart design and tropical living.

hut by the beach Gili Air horse and cart

I plan to one day live in a sustainable house surrounded by nature, with a swing and a swimming pond. I’m a bit of a hedonistic hippy. While I aspire to living a healthy, balanced organic life, the reality of city living didn’t always match that vision! This is an open journal of my journeys in self development and travel towards that healthy ‘good life’ in an eco-house, living and working on my own terms. A base from which to travel and work remotely.

remote lifestyle in nature sustainable lifestyle

It’s all about finding some kind of balance. Balancing the urge to travel and explore with financial security and some semblance of stability. The need for luxury and novelty with simplicity and sustainability. I’m prone to being contrary and my personality is fraught with contradictions. Ambivert. Armchair environmentalist. Champagne socialist. Some weeks I’m vegan, others pescatarian. I have periods of tee-totalism then a weekend bender.  I’m usually somewhere on the spectrum between this ideal self, and another, slightly contradictory self. I like to think I’m slowly moving in the right direction and enjoying the journey.

Milford Sound boat Percy Island

Why ‘Journages’? Well, it was a word which I accidentally made up when I was little. I used to confuse ‘journey’ and ‘voyage’ and somehow merged the two together in my mind to form a word. My Dad and I used to like watching an old TV series called ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’ and which I used to call ‘Journage to the Bottom of the Sea’. I guess when learning a new word my four year old brain merged it with it’s synonym. The word also incorporates ‘journal’, so it felt quite apt as a name for a blog about travel and self development!

This blog has become somewhat abandoned but I will publish from time to time and still get a surprising amount of people reading my stories and I’m always delighted to read comments from readers.

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