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How Tiny Houses Give Financial Freedom

So, you could put your savings into a mortgage and work the rest of your life to pay it off, or build a tiny house – a small cheap sustainable home – and have heaps of time to do what the hell you want, with very few living costs. Ummmm let me think…

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Sustainable House Day Sydney

Here’s my summary of the eco houses we visited for Sustainable House Day Sydney 2016. We managed to fit in five houses dotted around Sydney, from the northern beaches to the inner west! Continue reading

Sustainable House Day Sydney Shortlist

Eco homes around Australia open their doors to the public this Sunday 11 September for Sustainable House Day. People can nosy around and check out sustainable features to get ideas for their own homes. I’ve shortlisted the homes I’m most keen to see this year.

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Journeys & Revelations: From London Office To Life On The Road

This blog is about journeys of self-development and exploration of smarter ways to travel, live and work. A place to reflect and record stories of travel adventures and realisations that happened along the way. 

Many question the nine to five urban existence with a package holiday twice a year and have a sneaking feeling that we can live more logically and sustainably, with more leisure time, focussing on what we care about. I’ve been exploring alternative ways of living, travelling and working, meeting people who have escaped the ‘norm’ and live differently. Testing out how realistic and sustainable they are.

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