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I'm Anna, a digital marketer and blogger writing about travel and self development. I'm interested in travelling and living consciously, social entrepreneurism and remote work. I'm a Brit living in and loving beautiful Sydney.

5 Days in Byron

What to do with 5 days in Byron Bay? If you love nature and wellness here are some must-see things to do if you’re visiting Byron for a few days. Byron is perfect for a break to relax and reflect. There’s vibrant exotic scenery, long sandy beaches and a chilled vibe. Byron is THE place for yoga, surfing meditation, massage, healing, spirituality and art.

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Why Byron draws you in

“There’s no instinct like that of the heart” – Lord Byron

Some places just have something about them that compels you to go. You can tell before you visit by the way people talk about them with with nostalgia and heart. Byron is definitely one of those places for many and draws people there for the chilled surf vibe, focus on wellness and spirituality. It’s a great place to unwind and look inwards.

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Working Remotely in Bali: The Reality

We’ve all seen idyllic photos of people working on laptops next to swimming pools in exotic locations and imagined how amazing it would be to live a life of travel and work….swimming, sunbathing and sipping smoothies while working on a laptop in-between. Bali is digital nomad heaven, but if you’re considering working remotely in Bali then read on for a few tips.

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Sydney share bikes

All of a sudden over the last month or two, hundreds of dockless share bikes have appeared around Sydney. They’re super easy to use and a great way to do small trips as they tend to be free or very cheap. In fact we haven’t spent a cent on them so far cycling to the beach and back in Bondi. I’m all about the sharing economy so think it’s great share bikes have become so widespread and accessible.

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