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Expect Good Things to Happen and They Will

I recently found the perfect place to live – an amazing harbourview penthouse in Sydney which I love. I’m so happy here. I’ve never lived somewhere I truly love, since leaving the house I grew up in.

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Digital Nomad Interview With Mel

Mel is an amazing, fun free spirit from New York who I met when I lived at Bondi beach. I was amazed at her drive and achievements at such a young age. She had three websites and was feeling into becoming a coach in her early twenties! She’s also super spiritual. I once said she has the soul of a 100 year old monk. Oh, and she’s also hilarious!

One of the many things I love about travel is the people you meet. It can be so inspiring hearing people’s stories and seeing their perspectives. So I’m going to share interviews with people I’ve met on my travels who have inspired me in some way, as they may inspire you too!

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How I Lived Happily in Outback Australia On $75 Per Week

Cleaning rooms in a rural caravan park in Katherine, Outback Australia, I was more content than I remember. Plenty of free time and surrounded by nature, I had all I needed despite earning very little.

My ‘visa’ job search in Darwin had turned into weeks of adventures and raucous nights out. I’d been searching for rural work that would count towards my second year working holiday visa application. One of the criteria for applying is (bizarrely) three months of specified work in a rural location in industries such as agriculture and construction. Quite different from my usual office-based marketing jobs!

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Journeys & Revelations: From London Office To Life On The Road

This blog is about journeys of self-development and exploration of smarter ways to travel, live and work. A place to reflect and record stories of travel adventures and realisations that happened along the way. 

Many question the nine to five urban existence with a package holiday twice a year and have a sneaking feeling that we can live more logically and sustainably, with more leisure time, focussing on what we care about. I’ve been exploring alternative ways of living, travelling and working, meeting people who have escaped the ‘norm’ and live differently. Testing out how realistic and sustainable they are.

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