I recently found the perfect place to live – an amazing harbourview penthouse in Sydney which I love. I’m so happy here. I’ve never lived somewhere I truly love, since leaving the house I grew up in.

The experience of finding this place reminded me to always keep an open mind and expect good things to happen!

I’d been looking for a new place to live in Sydney for a while. I was feeling a bit depressed about how few decent places there seemed to be near my office. I was pretty underwhelmed with crap options.

The first flat I went to view didn’t work out as we somehow mis-communicated times. I almost didn’t bother looking at the second (this place), as I didn’t think it would be what I was looking for. I’d made a few negative assumptions. “It will be noisy as it’s next to the train station” “It’s too good to be true” etc.

I’m so glad I did view it, as it turned out to be amazing! I don’t like to gloat but…check out the view!!

The lobby is really modern and swish. As soon as I walked through the door into the apartment the amazing view struck me. 180 degree views of Sydney harbour through floor to ceiling windows! It’s on the top floor with a huge wrap round balcony. The layout is ideal. I can see the harbour bridge from my bedroom! The location is great. Right above the train station with cafes, supermarket and chemist etc downstairs. No train noise. Lovely bush walks and harbour views on the doorstep. I couldn’t have imagined finding such a great place!

This is a real reminder to always expect things to work out.

You have to be in it to win it! If we gave into our negative self-talk we’d miss every opportunity!

This experience reminded me of a time when I lived in London years ago. I never really liked where I lived much. I had a period where I was stuck in quite a negative mindset of being unhappy with my living situation, but feared anything else might be worse, so I put up with it for years.

When looking for apartments I worried places looked crap and never even viewed them. I was scared I wouldn’t sleep if I moved, it would be loads of hassle to then find a new place, I might not be able to adapt to the new environment, the neighbours might be noisy, etc etc. So I didn’t move for years!

I remember a friend of mine in London who had an amazing penthouse minutes from where we worked. When I asked him how he found such a great place at a good price, his story really made me realise how my attitude needed to change. He had seen the place advertised with no photos and very little info. It was the right location, but he knew nothing about it and it was over budget. So he took a chance and went to see it.

It TOTALLY paid off as it was a great price for a huge place in a top location. The landlord had converted the top floor of an office block into a huge apartment. He moved in and ended up living there for years, sharing with a couple so it worked out very reasonably priced. I probably wouldn’t even had gone to view the place if it had been me. I’d have thought it looked dodgy…there must be a reason there wasn’t much info or photos. So I’d have missed out!

I’m so excited to have space for parties, painting, sunbathing and growing herbs and plants on the huge balcony!

Here’s to the power of positive thinking!

Expect Good things